Kodak EasyShare V705 Conclusion

Kodak EasyShare V705 Conclusion

Kodak EasyShare V705 review

Kodak EasyShare V705 Test conclusion
Having a second lens is still an attractive concept. No one else is making such extreme wide-angle in the compact camera segment, so the Kodak EasyShare V705 camera is bound to be popular with landscape photographers. To be honest, I can imagine them having the Kodak V705 as an extra digital camera. When Kodak's first dual lens system camera was introduced, it was met by surprised and positive reactions. People are still positive about the dual lens system, especially when it comes with extreme wide-angle.

Kodak Dual lens system
I still got the feeling that Kodak is only doing things by half, especially if I compare the Kodak EasyShare V705 with its dual lens system predecessors. Apart from the application of this innovative system, Kodak neglected a lot of things. Take ISO quality, especially at 400 ISO and higher. Kodak can't get away with this without attracting some comments. The noise ratio is too much and this means that the Kodak V705 camera performs below average in dusky and evening shots. These conditions come up often, in living rooms or cafes when you are on holiday. An optical image stabilizer would help with this problem, if only there was one. Kodak is forgetting important things and does not seem to have taken criticism of the previous models into account when designing the Kodak EasyShare V705.

Kodak EasyShare colour reproduction
The colour reproduction is good and the Kodak EasyShare V705 camera is no longer exaggerating reproduction. The automatic white balance is not perfect, but a slight adjustment for the sort of light source filters the colour cast out of the picture adequately. The pictures are nice and sharp. The effects of the extreme wide-angle, especially the deviations were captured well by the software in the camera. Corrections are made accurately.

Snap-shot digital compact camera
Another strength is the cameras' simple operation. This is a real plus point and the same as its predecessor. The Kodak EasyShare V705 is not an advanced compact camera for experienced photographers who want to be creative. It's a snap-shoot digital compact camera. The pre-programmed settings give beginners a taste of the endless possibilities offered by digital photography. Although everything is spoon fed, I can imagine that the Kodak V705 can inspire some people to try a more advanced model. The panorama ******** is particularly good. It's a strong trump card for the Kodak EasyShare V705 when combined with the 23 mm wide-angle lens.

Kodak EasyShare V705 review - Verdict
To conclude, I can only say that I had mixed feelings about the Kodak EasyShare V750. I enjoyed using it. The operation is fine and straightforward and the compact format will entice you into carrying the camera around with you. The 23 mm wide-angle lens is also extremely tempting for anyone who is into landscape or architectural photography. I couldn't get rid of the feeling that this camera wasn't quite up to scratch. By this, I don't mean the disappointing ISO quality, but more the lack of progress and improvements to the dual lens concept. The idea is good - it's even daring and innovative, but the competition has not been standing still. The lack of an optical image stabilizer to compensate for the high ISO was a drawback, and that's putting it mildly. What is good, however, is its user friendliness, good picture quality, and extreme wide-angle and panorama shots. It's also a handy camera to have on you. However, I very much doubt if this is enough to enable this camera to keep up with the competition.

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